debian/spamassassin/dccifd: write(MTA socket,XX): Broken pipe
Tue Dec 6 09:50:45 UTC 2005

I have dcc-client installed on my sarge system with spamassassin.  I have
started the /etc/init.d/dcc-client daemon.  My
/etc/mail/spamassassin/ contains the following:

dcc_dccifd_path /var/lib/dcc/dccifd
dcc_home /var/lib/dcc

I've opened up UDP port 6277 on my firewall.  Running spamassassin --debug
on a message gives the following:

debug: DCCifd is available: /var/lib/dcc/dccifd
debug: entering helper-app run mode
debug: DCCifd: got response: X-DCC-Servercave-Metrics: 118
3; Body=2213 Fuz1=27627 Fuz2=27630

Thus I assume that DCC is running.

I am getting the following messages in my syslog - they seem to occur

# cat /var/log/syslog |grep pipe
Dec  6 06:43:16 debian dccifd[1916]: write(MTA socket,94): Broken pipe
Dec  6 07:28:40 debian dccifd[2002]: write(MTA socket,87): Broken pipe
Dec  6 09:40:04 debian dccifd[2410]: write(MTA socket,94): Broken pipe

What does this signify?

A few other queries:

There isn't a

# /etc/init.d/dcc-client stop
Stopping DCC program interface daemon: dccifdstart-stop-daemon: warning:
failed to kill 5645: No such process

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