SpamAssassin, dccifd, and dccproc

Paul Shields
Mon Dec 5 16:00:53 UTC 2005

Vernon Schryver wrote:

>There have been reports from some sites that switching from dccproc
>to dccifd had major effects.
>So I built some code to start dccifd automatically when dccproc has been
>used a lot.  However, at one test site using a fairly old version of
>spamc/spamd, it seems to have no effect.
>I have the impression that SpamAssassin checks for dccproc and dccifd
>every time.  Is that wrong?
My understanding (using Spamassassin 3.0.x) is that it queries for 
dccifd by looking for a r/w socket, and if not found then falls back to 
dccproc.  If you define dcc_home in the file then Spamassassin 
looks in that directory for the dccifd socket. If it finds it then 
dccifd is used, else it will use dccproc. I'm not sure when you say 
'checks for dccproc' every time that you are suggesting this test is 
made for every message. I believe it is only performed when spamd is 
launched (however, it may well check each time for a non-daemon process 
like spamassassin).

I would say that using dccifd is by far the most sensible for largish 
sites - we're throwing a few million per day through dccifd without any 



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