Spamassassin timeout, cdcc looks fine

Vernon Schryver
Wed Nov 30 22:08:47 UTC 2005

> From: Johan =?iso-8859-1?Q?Segern=E4s?= <>

> [20519] dbg: dcc: dccifd is not available: no r/w dccifd socket found

dccifd is often more efficient.

> [20519] dbg: dcc: opening pipe: /usr/local/bin/dccproc -H -R <
> /tmp/.spamassassin205192kJsrotmp
> [20536] dbg: util: setuid: ruid=3D0 euid=3D0
> [20519] dbg: dcc: killed stale helper [20536]
> [20519] dbg: dcc: [20536] terminated:  exit=3D0xf100
> [20519] dbg: info: leaving helper-app run mode
> [20519] dbg: dcc: check timed out after 5 seconds

5 seconds is less than the worst case delay of 8 seconds for dccproc 
to look for and fail to find a working DCC server.

> I have no problems with DCC on another incoming mail server with spamassass=
> in
> 3.0.4 on it. Is there any difference?=20

Difference between what and what?

Which version of the DCC code are you using?
What flavor of UNIX-like system are you using?
Are both of your DCC client systems using the same versions of things?
Does the command `cdcc rtt` produce the same good result on both client

Vernon Schryver

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