New user of DCC ... put a dcc server

Vernon Schryver
Tue Nov 29 20:13:00 UTC 2005

> From: Noc Phibee 

> i am new user of DCC with SpamAssassin. I have a lot of small qmail server
> and 3 big mail server (>100 000 emails per day).
> I want create a dcc server into my network for best performance and traffic.
> I have installed the daemon, good that's work ;=)
> Now i want know what is the process after .. i have a dccd localy, for best
> efficacity, i connect this server at other DCC server network for get 
> rules ?
> If yes, where is the configuration ?

Since your mail system handles more than 100,000 messages/day, I would
be happy to assign a DCC server-ID and propose flooding peers.  Please
contact me privately.

> For my other mail server, i put the address of my dcc server ?

To teach a computer with DCC clients to use a private DCC server
by updating /var/dcc/map, try this command

   cdcc "add hostname  RTT-1000 ms  32768 secret"

where "32768" and "secret" are a DCC client-ID and corresponding password
from the /var/dcc/ids file on the DCC server.
The /var/dcc/ids file generated by `make install` contains client-ID
32768 and a generally tolerably secure password.  That client-ID and
password are also put into the /var/dcc/map file on the system, as well
as the /var/dcc/map.txt file that exists only for documentation.

Vernon Schryver

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