CGI scripts

Vernon Schryver
Tue Nov 22 00:54:00 UTC 2005

The scripts in the cgi-bin directory are intended only to show what
might be done to let individual users manage their logs and whiteclnt
files.  However, some installations use them as-is.  At least one site
is using them to manage the main /var/dcc/whitclnt as described in the
README file.
So I've spent some time tuning them up a little.

There is a demonstration at
(user name cgi-demo and password cgi-demo   
if your browser has not been made microstupid.

Assuming I've not made any serious errors, 
 - the log files are based on the DCC log files the submission address
    for this mailing list
 - changes to the whiteclnt file evaporate every 5 minutes
 - you can change the password to anything you like, provided it is cgi-demo
 - all of the configuration switches work (but have no real effects)
      except "mail notifications of logged messages"

I would welcome suggestions for modest improvements.  Any real effort
to remove their ugliness should be left to individual installations.

Vernon Schryver

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