Greylisting never permits from=<>

Vernon Schryver
Wed Nov 9 19:12:06 UTC 2005

> From: "Philip Hachey" <>

> Apparently, I was mistaken.  Looking further back in the sendmail logs, I 
> can see where "from=<>" from other servers were embargoed once, and let 
> through a second time.  I'm not sure why some messages are perpetually 
> embargoed, despite that their msgid and sending relay are the same every 
> time -- perhaps the sending server is adding headers each time, causing 
> the checksum to change?

Some legitimate senders do that.  It is easy to determine from the
checksums and matching counts in the dccm or dccifd log files in
/var/dcc/log (or wherever).

The dccm/dccifd greylisting can be weakened to pay less attention to
IP addresses or body checksums with dccm or dccifd
-Gasdf settings in GREY_CLIENT_ARGS
or -Gasdf settings in GREY_DCCD_ARGS in /var/dcc/_conf

See the dccm, dccifd, and dccd man pages, perhaps at

Vernon Schryver

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