Using both dccifd and dccm, or dccm for greylisting only

Philip Hachey
Fri Oct 14 20:44:45 UTC 2005

>As I read the 3.0.4 SA source, it does the same thing when there is a
>pre-existing X-DCC header indicating bulk mail as when dccifd detects
>bulk mail.  That is to return 1.

Yes, you're right.  I had the preconceived notion that SA calculated a 
dynamic score based on returned DCC values (IMO, this would be a nice way 
of doing things), and so I thought that the return of 1 was just a simple 
quit from the function.  I see now that it just basically means "bulk 
according to DCC" and so the message gets the one and only fixed score for 
DCC in SA.

>What would the difference be if you set DCCM_REJECT_AT=999999 in
>/var/dcc/dcc_conf so that X-DCC headers added by dccm contain
>the string "bulk"?

Perfect!  This is exactly what I needed.  I didn't know what would tell 
dccm to write "bulk" in the header.  I've combined the above 
DCCM_REJECT_AT with "-aIGNORE" in the arguments, and I'm pretty much 
getting the behaviour I want: SA's score for DCC being triggered based on 
headers written by dccm.

I suppose the only thing to do now is disable SA's call to dcc_check and 
write a custom rule that just looks for "bulk" in a X-DCC header, and then 
assigns SA's score for DCC if it's found.

Thanks, again, Vernon!  It's such a simple thing now that I've got my head 
around it :-).
Philip J. Hachey

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