Using both dccifd and dccm, or dccm for greylisting only

Vernon Schryver
Fri Oct 14 19:42:45 UTC 2005

> From: "Philip Hachey" <>

> So did I, but after a closer look at the code I discovered that it just 
> does nothing upon discovering an X-DCC header that has a "bulk" value.  In 
> the small number of X-DCC headers that I witnessed while testing out dccm, 
> none contained such a value.  I don't want SA's DCC check to "do nothing" 
> anyway, I want it to base it's scores on the value of the header.  (Note 
> that I'm running SA 3.1.0).

As I read the 3.0.4 SA source, it does the same thing when there is a
pre-existing X-DCC header indicating bulk mail as when dccifd detects
bulk mail.  That is to return 1.
It does as if dccifd_lookup() in lib/Mail/SpamAssassin/ does its
own thresholding instead of using `dccproc -c` or `dccifd -t`, including
converting "many" to 999999 and using $self->{conf}->{dcc_body_max} etc.

What would the difference be if you set DCCM_REJECT_AT=999999 in
/var/dcc/dcc_conf so that X-DCC headers added by dccm contain
the string "bulk"?

> >Notice also the "MXDCC" whitelist value in that man page.
> I'm a bit confused about this option.  If used, will it disable just DCC 
> checking for the flagged IP addresses, or ALL processing including 
> greylisting?

The man page needs improving but I don't think it ever said anything
about MXDCC disabling DCC checking.  The man page will say this in
the next release:

	     marks an IP address or block of addresses that are MX
	     servers for your mail system that run DCC clients.  A
	     mail message that has been forwarded through an
	     address listed as MXDCC is handled as if MX had been
	     used but with two additional changes.  The message's
	     checksums are queried instead of reported as if -Q
	     had been used with dccm(8).  To prevent "bouncing"
	     spam, if the rejection thresholds are met, a message
	     is treated as if dccm(8) or dccifd(8) had been
	     invoked with -a DISCARD instead of the default or
	     explicit -a Reject

Vernon Schryver

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