Using both dccifd and dccm, or dccm for greylisting only

Vernon Schryver
Fri Oct 14 17:57:38 UTC 2005

I wrote:

> > 2) If the above is not possible, then is there a way to invoke dccm with 
> > DCC checking disabled so that it can be used solely as a greylisting 
> > milter?
> As the dcc man page says,
> the following line in /var/dcc/whiteclnt turns off DCC checking:
> option dcc-off
> Notice also the "MXDCC" whitelist value in that man page.
> See 

I should have mentioned that if that is done, then it might be wise
to tell dccm and dccifd to use separate whitelist files by setting -w
in DCCM_ARGS or DCCIFD_ARGS in /var/dcc/dcc_conf.  If both daemons use
the default /var/dcc/whiteclnt and that file turns off DCC checking,
then it will be off for both of them.

Vernon Schryver

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