whiteclnt mx ip problem

Giulio Cervera giulio.cervera@edspa.it
Wed Oct 5 22:03:59 UTC 2005

I have missed something
DCC is used as plugin of SA 3.10

> I assume
>    - dccifd adds "X-DCC...bulk" headers to spam
>    - locally discovered spam is not reported to the DCC as if
>        dccdid were running with -Q.

locally discovered patch is not reported to our server dcc1.rupa.it
before 1.3.19 we are using your patch for SA to skip the first Receided

> If so, what lines did you add to whiteclnt?
> These lines tell dccifd to skip initial Received headers containing these
> IP addresses:
>    mx IP
>    mx IP example.com
>    mx IP
> A line like this would also tell dccifd that the message has already
> been reported to the DCC and so dccifd should act as if -Q had been
> specified:
>    mxdcc IP

we have just added mx ip with the network of our mx server

> Log files in /var/dcc/log will say what is happening.
> The "IP" line early in the file will show what dccifd thinks was the
> source IP address, if it could find any IP address.

Looking the logs
IP is correct,
Reports (at the bottom) show 1, but looking the server stat nothing same
to be reported

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