dccm segfaults since 1.3.15

Juergen Georgi georgi@belwue.de
Wed Sep 21 14:30:02 UTC 2005


i was about to upgrade my dcc installation from 1.2.68 to 1.3.17.
Now the dccm worker process gets always knocked out with SIGSEGV 
on bulk messages.

Dccm is started with:

dccm -aIGNORE -SHELO -Smail_host -SSender -SList-ID -Linfo,mail.notice \
   -Lerror,mail.err -t CMN,50,100 -w whiteclnt

sendmail (8.13.5) complains with

  milter_read(dcc): cmd read returned 0, expecting 5
  Milter (dcc): to error state

Greylisting is working. No errors on non-bulk messages.
No errors if I define "-t CMN,50,NEVER". 

I tried some older dcc versions. The latest version which runs 
fine is 1.3.14. Hardware is SUN Sparc running Solaris 8.

Any ideas what is going wrong?


-Juergen Georgi

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