More dccm's on one host

Georg Graf
Mon Sep 12 14:55:36 UTC 2005

On Fri, Sep 09, 2005 at 07:29:05AM -0600, you wrote:


> As far as the DCC code is concerned, running 2 dccm processes on one
> CPU should work, but it will test the inter-process locking of
> /var/dcc/whiteclnt.  The inter-thread locking is better tested, as
> well as more efficient.

There is a problem with the pid file. This hurts a littel bit,
but see below. I think handling of building whiteclnt.dccw is
handled gracefully.

> However, have you checked for the process limits that are constraining
> the number of dccm threads for a single process?  If possible it
> would be better to increase the limit on the number of open files per
> single process or UID.

I guess the limit is actually set by this line in the dccm source:

max_work = min(DEF_MAX_WORK, max_max_work); (line 187/dccm.c)

DEF_MAX_WORK is set to 200. I think, that in contrary to the
manpage this is the default if -j is not specified.

> If the limit is on the number of open files per UID, then running
> 2 dccm processes might lead to problems.

I'll continue to run dccm with -j 2000 and see if this will work.



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