whitelisting "read" DSNs

Vernon Schryver vjs@calcite.rhyolite.com
Sat Sep 10 20:15:55 UTC 2005

> From: Georg Graf <georg.graf@wu-wien.ac.at>

> > In which RFC is the SMTP header Content-class defined?
> I dont know.

I've looked and found no sign of it, which means that either I'm
uninformed and blind or that it is non-standard with all of the evils
and consequences that implies.

> portability problem: A Posix.2 regex implementation is available
> in all of the platforms dcc runs on, I guess.

perhaps, but only if I added that source to the DCC source.

you can't successfully ship an open source package that requires
users to fetch, install, and maintain bits from other places.

> I see the point that dccd would not be able to use regexes. do
> dccm / dccproc / dccifd internally work on checksums?


> > Whitelisting by message encoding seems strange to me.  Would it not=20
> > be better to whitelist by something related to the sender?
> This is not a choice. Some of my users request this stuff and get
> it from any place over the web. I could whitelist the recepients
> actually, thus exempting them from dcc use.

That's a classic example of why I think it is best to give each user
a whiteclnt file, dcc{m,ifd} log directory, and tools to whitelist and
turn things on or off for their individual tastes.

Besides the original whitelisting of env_To values in the main whiteclnt
file, you can put those values in per-user whiteclnt files.  You can
also put "option dcc-off" in individual whiteclnt files.
See the dcc man page page or

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