whitelisting "read" DSNs

Georg Graf georg.graf@wu-wien.ac.at
Fri Sep 9 10:31:20 UTC 2005


Today I am trying to whitelist the (bulk) "read" or "Gelesen:" mails.

Many of them have the header:

   "Content-class: urn:content-classes:mdn"

I use dccm, so I could add

   "-S Content-class"

to dccm_args and put

   "ok substitute Content-class urn:content-classes:mdn"

in my whiteclnt file.

These Mails also set the "Content-Type" in slightliy differing
ways. Some examples:


Since I think I remember to have read that the entries in the whiteclnt
file have to be exact matches, my question is whether it is true I
cannot use the Content-Type header for this. If I can use the
Content-Type header, I would consider to run dccm with

   -S Content-class -S Content-Type

and have this in the whiteclnt file:

   ok2 substitute Content-class urn:content-classes:mdn
   ok2 substitute Content-Type multipart/report; report-type=disposition-notification

(but this would most likely not match my examples). Does dccm strip away
newlines and tabs if matching agains multi-line headers?

Maybe we need a feature like this?

   ok2 regex substitue Content-class "multipart/report.*report-type=disposition-notification"

Please give some comments on this topic. It hurts somehow that
spammers would be able to circumvent my dcc installation by
adding these headers, so I think two ok2 lines are always safer
than one ok line.

Or do you think I am only paranoid and should be happy with my
urn:content-classes:mdn match?

greetings from Vienna,


Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration
Central and Internet Services Section
Center for Computer Services
UNIX Server Administration
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