Getting started with a bigger dcc installation

Vernon Schryver
Mon Aug 1 14:39:09 UTC 2005

> From: Georg Graf <>
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> -) Can I (please) get a non-anonymous client-id for the
> dcc* I already see thay my dccm sometimes runs
> into the rate limits for anonymous and then switches to another
> server. 

Are you sure you are hitting the rate limits?  dccm and the other
DCC client programs switch to another server when the current server
appears to be slow.  That can happen for many reasons including
  1. network problems between the client and the server losing packets.
  2. the current server is shut down or becomes very busy for maintenance.
  3. the current server's rate limits delay and eventually ignore requests
      This should not be significant below 100K requests/day.
  4. the current server gets very busy with other traffic

> -) When my dccd is running, I will need ids for communicating
> with my flood peers. Where/how do I get them?

Assuming your mail system handles at least 100,000 mail messages per
day, please contact me at  I also look for peers for
new DCC servers.  Except in special cases, I resist assigning server-IDs
to organizations that handle fewer than 100K mail messages/day.  Smaller
organizations generally use less bandwidth of their own and everyone
else by using the public DCC servers.  Small organizations also are
less likely to keep their servers running 24x7.  That is not good because
initial reports of bulk mail need to flood through the DCC network at
all hours.

Public DCC servers receive more than 100K and in some cases more than
16,000,000 DCC requests/day.

> -) Since this will be recent hardware and this is a university
> campus lan, I'd like to offer some cpu cycles to the public.

More public DCC servers are always welcome.  There are some 
additional things that operators of public DCC servers do, including:
  - at least 2 GByte of RAM and preferably more
  - more often install new versions of the DCC source
  - run a web page fed from a cron script to watch for too large
     or abusive DCC clients
  - another cron script that frequently fetches the blacklist of bad
     DCC clients

> Since the features of this software dont seem so trivial to me,
> I'd really appreciate some sample config files / command line
> switches from you, people who run dccd successfully for some
> time.

I hope the suggestions included in the notes I send with the assignment
of server-IDs are clear and complete.  I also have a list of issues
for public DCC servers.

Vernon Schryver

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