cron-dccd not working?

Vernon Schryver
Fri Jul 29 15:23:08 UTC 2005

> From: "Joe Woltering" 

> I'm trying to use the cron-dccd script to purge files in the /var/dcc/log
> directory. I believe it's installed correctly, and runs without error, but
> doesn't seem to be deleting any of the log files. Am I missing a
> configuration parameter in the script. I'm just running it as it came--
> out-of-the-box, so to speak.

It's just a dumb shell script.  Have you tried debugging it?  I would
  - add "exit" after the part that deletes old log files and before
     the part that notifies users about new log files
  - run it with `cron-dccd -x` or `sh -x cron-dccd`

Before that, I wouldd check to see that I'm running the current version
because of these notes in the CHANGES file for 1.3.6:

    Fix recent bug in cron-dccd that stopped emptying client per-user log

and 1.3.5:

    Fix recent bug in cron-dccd that stopped emptying /var/dcc/log.


Vernon Schryver

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