Installation on Mac Darwin 6.8 Server [signed]

Matt Walsh [c]
Sun Jul 24 00:26:12 UTC 2005

This is for the users of Apple's OSX 10.2 server:
Installation is for the sendmail daemon using just dccm. Since the
developers at Apple didn't take the time to ensure that OSX 10.2 server had
a libresolv.a file, here's the process of installing it on your system.
First you'll need to download and install
(make sure to edit the Makefile for the paths to install the program. I
choose to create bind4 subs) and then run the installation. copy over the
libresolv.a file (location would probably be like this
/usr/bind4/lib/libresolv.a) to /usr/lib and then do a ranlib on the file.
Download dcc.tar.Z into your source directory of the current version of
sendmail you have running (sendmail-8.13.4) and run the ./configure
--homedir=/DIRECTORY HERE --disable-server --disable-dccifd --disable-IPv6
Don't run make just yet!! cd into dcclib and run make. cd .. out and into cd
thrlib and run make. cd .. and into cd srvrlib and run make. cd .. out.
Next, use your favorite editor (vi, joe, or pico) and edit the
in the main source directory. Scroll down to where it says LDADD
+=$(CLNTLIBS) -lm -lresolv and add -lpoll to the end of -lresolv. Save
changes and exit from file. cd dccm and then edit Makefile. Scroll down to
the line that says SENDMAIL=$
edit that line to be 
edit it to be
CFLAGS +=$(THRINC) -I$(SENDMAIL)/../sendmail/obj.Darwin.6.8.PowerMacintosh
edit it to be
CFLAGS +=$(THRLIB) -I$(SENDMAIL)/../obj.Darwin.6.8.PowerMacintosh
Save changes and close file. Run make and then run sudo make install
Should be all set! just restart the rcDCC restart process and in your log
file you will see that dcc-1.3.x has started. 
Matt Walsh
Senior Network Engineer
ph#: 518-355-3507

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