cursed pirated DCC software

Paul Vixie
Wed Jun 29 20:44:04 UTC 2005

> Unless someone thinks it is a bad idea, I will changed tactics to
> blacklist the address blocks of such ISPs for the public DCC servers.
> I will send a couple of reports over a couple weeks, and then add to
> the blacklist.  Perhaps when those or other end users find little or
> no joy from current public DCC servers, they will complain to their
> ISPs or the perpetrator of the broken code and someone will fix the
> broken code, recall it, or at least accept responsibility for it.

because this just escalates to fingerpointing, the end result will be
a black eye for DCC, and a number of potential users going elsewhere,
and irresponsible ISP's, as has ever been the case, getting away free.

i think you might want to do something more insideous than blacklisting,
which is ignore all checksums you're sent from these address blocks,
and always respond with MANY when asked a question from these address

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