Private Server??

Ronan McGlue
Thu Jun 9 15:40:03 UTC 2005

I have a question regarding the setup of a 'pseudo private' DCC server...

I work for Queens University Belfast and we use the UK JANET network for 
our net connection...

I have asked my boss if i can set up a public DCC server here on campus 
becuase it would be a good benefit to us.

Unfortunately because we use the janet network he wouldn't want us 
providing a public service which could possibly be construed as 
competition to the other ISPs who might charge someone for the service 
of setting up the DCC Server... ( i think)
He wouldn't have  a problem if we were providing a service to the JANET 
network however ( and if collaterally we were a public Flood server also 
then so be it.... )

anyway its all politics to me and im jsut a lowly techie.. so!

Can i set up restrictions on any DCC server I set up so that only 
certain servers / networks can flood / update it...

Any users on this list know of any DCC servers on the JANET  or of any 
users on the JANET that regularly hit the public DCCs???

thanks for any info i get back!




Ronan McGlue
Info. Services

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