trouble with whiteclnt

Vernon Schryver
Thu Jun 2 17:47:11 UTC 2005

> From: John Doherty 

> The symptom is that after a while of operating correctly, it begins
> ignoring the global whiteclnt file and so messages that should be accepted
> are not. Also, and oddly, the whiteclnt.dccw file winds up with a bogus
> date of 12/31/1969.

Such a timestamp of 0 on the whiteclnt.dccw hash table indicates that
the ASCII /var/dcc/whiteclnt file could not be parsed.  Dccm, dccifd,
or dccproc (if you used them) should be whining in the system log about
syntax errors or host namesfile that cannot be resolved in the whiteclnt.

> The last oddity that I notice is that there are two dccm processes
> running, and I don't recall that it used to be that way (although that may
> be just me misremembering).

>   97645  ??  Ss     0:00.00 /var/dcc/libexec/dccm -U userdirs -SHELO...
>   97647  ??  S      0:00.01 /var/dcc/libexec/dccm -U userdirs -SHELO...

That looks like the extra process present since 1.3.0 that restarts
dccm after obvious crashes.

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