dccifd hangs

John L johnl@iecc.com
Sat May 28 14:44:45 UTC 2005

My dccifd daemon has been hanging every few days.  I think it started with 
1.3.4 and it just happened again in 1.3.5.  It's 100% cpu bound.

I run it under daemontools as:

     libexec/dccifd -b -tCMN,40 -U userdirs \
     -w whiteifd -S X-Habeas-SWE-3 -S List-ID

I managed to get a gdb traceback before killing it, and it said;

#0  <signal handler called>
#1  0xa0088b25 in _syscall_sys_read () from /shlib/libc_s.4.3.0
#2  0x8049ba5 in tmp_read ()
#3  0x8049c43 in tmp_read_msg_in ()
#4  0x8049ea0 in hdrs_copy ()
#5  0x804a02c in body_copy ()
#6  0x804b597 in ascii_done ()
#7  0x804b9c8 in ascii_job ()
#8  0x804cdc9 in job_start ()
#9  0xa0036a2f in _thread_kern_start () from /shlib/libc_s.4.3.0

This suggests that whatever tmp_read is trying to read isn't there and 
it's not noticing that it's gone away.  Anyone else see this?  I'm 
rebuilding it with debug symbols so I can try and get more clues, but if 
anyone else has seen this and has some hints, I'd love to hear them.

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