Internet whitelists

Vernon Schryver
Fri May 27 14:37:54 UTC 2005

> From: Daniel V Klein 

> I have the following entry in my whiteclnt
> ok      ip
> But yesterday this happpened:
> May 26 18:02:39 maxwell sm-mta[24782]: j4QM2cj6024782: to=<>, delay=00:00:01, pri=898273, stat=mail j4QM2cj6024782 from rejected by DCC
> Am I missing something?  I thought range-based IPs worked...

They work at least some of the time.  They don't work if your 
whiteclnt.dccw or hash file does not match your whiteclnt text file,
perhaps because the text file has syntax errors or because it is
locked by `vi` or otherwise unreadable.

To discover why thati or any message was rejected, look at its log
file in /var/dcc/log, or wherever you put them.  See also the per-user
log directories if you have enabled them.

Also check /var/log/maillog or wherever you've configured dccm to
whine about problems with the whiteclnt file.

Vernon Schryver

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