No message body error with DCC 1.3.4

Stephen Carter
Mon May 16 20:02:12 UTC 2005

Thanks very much to both of your responses.  That was indeed the problem.

I'm running SuSE 9.2 and as I initially installed SpamAssassin through YaST I'd like to keep it that way, so I've opted to use the dccifd daemon instead, which is working just fine... just a little more setting up, but a lot less than trying to troubleshoot this!

I completely agree that it's always good to stay up to date, only I wish SuSE would.  I believe their strategy is to not upgrade any software and only apply bug fixes and security updates as they come along for any particular version, but I would have thought this would have applied to this scenario. Oh well.

Once again, thanks for your help, especially Gary's persistence.

P.s. I hope this is in 72 char plain text format :)

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>>>Gary V <> 05/16/05 3:07 pm >>> 
James wrote: 
>>Try this link - 
>>It's a SA 3 bug which you can fix with a minor mod to the SA code.  Or 
>>by upgrading to the latest SA version. 
>>James Turnbull 
>Exactly, I was going to supply the same link. It was fixed in version 
>3.0.1 along with other issues related to amavisd-new, so it is much 
>better to upgrade than modify the 3.0.0 Suggest, of course, 
>going to 3.0.3. After upgrading, make sure amavisd-new is actually 
>using the new version. Run 'amavisd-new debug' and look for: 
>Module Mail::SpamAssassin  3.000002 
>This would be 3.0.2. If you have installed SA using more that one 
>method, you may have different versions in different locations and 
>amavisd-new will simply use the first one it finds in it's path. 
>to locate each *installation*. 
>Gary V 

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