1.3.3 compiling trouble

Pavel Urban pavel.urban@imaginet.cz
Thu Apr 28 08:28:34 UTC 2005

Vernon Schryver wrote:
>>From: Pavel Urban 
>>My servers have 3GB RAM, so it should be OK. We're planning to create 
>>public dcc servers along with public ClamAV already present, so these 
>>servers have some extra power.
> By "public DCC servers" do you mean servers that would join the 
> couple dozen public DCC servers answering requests from the 40,000
> (or perhaps a lot more) anonymous DCC clients?  More public DCC servers
> would be welcome in the list in 
> http://www.dcc-servers.net/dcc/#public-servers
> ost of the more than 250 DCC servers are private and used only by their
> owner's DCC clients.

Yes, that's exactly what we want to establish. The first step will be 
internal-use-only server (we need to know how our hardware will behave 
and gain some experience with software) and then we plan to make the 
server public, like we did it in ClamAV mirror case. As we are using 
these services for our customers, we want to give something back to the 

> There are is a little more work required of the public DCC servers
> including keeping the version of the DCC code they use more up to date
> and running the cron scripts that generate lists of major or abusive
> DCC clients and coordinate the blacklist of abusive clients.

OK, no problem. I just hope this is documented somewhere...

>>I'd like to have configuration files in /etc, but if these settings mean 
>>that database files will be placed there too... well, I'll probably 
>>reconsider. Is it possible to have configuration and database files 
> It's just code, it is certainly possible in theory.  However, it
> would be a major hassle to separate the dccd database files from
> the configuration files.  Some of the files including /var/dcc/map
> /var/dcc/flod.map, and the client whitelist .dccw hash files need to
> be written the DCC programs and so are not exactly configuration files.
> They generally built from read-only configuration files such
> as /var/dcc/flod, but those files are locked and so opened for writing
> by the programs that build the first set such as /var/dcc/flod.map.

I see. We sure can live with it ;-)


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