1.3.3 compiling trouble

Vernon Schryver vjs@calcite.rhyolite.com
Wed Apr 27 14:36:59 UTC 2005

> From: Pavel Urban <pavel.urban@imaginet.cz>

> I'm trying to build an RPM for RedHat EL. I've encountered some problems 
> during the process, so I've tried to build it manually with the same 
> commandline options.
> ./configure --bindir=/usr/bin --mandir=/usr/man --enable-server 
> --enable-dccifd --disable-IPv6 --disable-dccm  --with-db-memory=1024 
> --with-max-db-mem=1024 --without-bad-locks --homedir=/etc/dcc 
> --with-installroot=/var/tmp/pupu

For current Redhat, that ./configure line looks like a bad idea.
It is always bad to override defaults in any software unnecessarily.
Some of those settings such as --enable-dccifd are entirely redundant
Others such as --with-db-memory=1024 and --with-max-db-mem=1024 will
cause major problems if your RPM is installed on a system that does
not have 1 GByte of RAM.   Try instead to find the minimum collection of
settings.  --bindir=/usr/bin --mandir=/usr/man --homedir=/etc/dcc
--with-installroot=/var/tmp/pupu should be enough.

I wonder if you really want to put cdcc in /usr/man instead
of the default /usr/loca/man and the man pags in /usr/man instead of 
the default /usr/local/man.

Putting the DCC home directory in /etc/dcc is surprising given
--enable-server.  Many systems do not have a spare 3 or 4 GBytes of
disk space in the root file system.

> ...
> Seems like a typo in homedir/Makefile.in...
> INST_HOMEDIR=@installroot@ $(DCC_HOMEDIR)

That could be.  It has been a long time since I tested --with-installroot
I will look into it later today or tomorrow.

Vernon Schryver    vjs@rhyolite.com

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