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Vernon Schryver
Wed Mar 30 03:36:33 UTC 2005

> From: Gary Verchick 

> If IPv6 is not disabled during compile time, does
> cdcc 'IPv6 off'
> provide the same result if done after the fact?

cdcc 'ipv6 off'
is currently more effective than `./configure --disable-IPv6`

The DCC client code is supposed to do the right thing if the operating
system does not support IPv6 although the ./configure probing implies
that it does and `cdcc` has been used to turn on IPv6.  I was blind
sided by Linux systems that have socketAF_INET6) set errno=EINVAL
instead of reasonable a value such as EPFNOSUPPORT or EAFNOSUPPORT. 
I think the next version of the DCC source will do better.

In general you do not want to turn on IPv6 for either DCC servers
(in /var/dcc/flod) or clients (in /var/dcc/map with `cdcc "ipv6 on"`)
unless you really do have IPv6 support.
Many installations that seem to have IPv6 support and connectivity don't.

I would be interested in hearing if users of the public DCC servers
with real IPv6 connections are having any joy.  One of the public
DCC servers should answer.

Vernon Schryver

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