dccifd stabilty issues with 1.2.74

Cami camis@mweb.co.za
Tue Mar 29 04:55:57 UTC 2005

Vernon Schryver wrote:
> Another thing to check is for tmp.* files in /tmp or the
> DCC log directory, often /var/dcc/log.

Hrmph. Thats not pretty. I have millions of files in
there and doing anything in that directory takes an
extremely long time. Is there any chance DCC can start
displaying the name of the tmp file its about to start
working with? (when running in DEBUG mode). We process
over 5 million mails per day and dcc keeps the logs for
up to 14 days :/

> Some or all of messages that dccifd was working on when it crashed
> (assuming it crashed) will be left in tmp.* files.
> I've seen some evidence that version 1.2.71 and older versions of dccm
> are bothered by an odd combination of HTML, MIME, and I don't know
> what else.  Spam causing such problems involving "Ruena Manufacturing
> Industial" would be quite interesting.

Well.. Older versions of dcc were actually quite stable (around 1.2.5x).


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