dccifd stabilty issues with 1.2.74

Leandro Santi lesanti@uolsinectis.com.ar
Tue Mar 29 03:53:46 UTC 2005

Cami, 2005-03-28:
> Vernon Schryver wrote:
> >>From: Cami 
> >>Confirmed, same setup (dccd/dccifd). I have 12 machines and all are
> >>doing exactly the same thing. (The process randomly terminates/crashes).
> >>I didnt bother mentioning it as i thought i was the only one having
> >>this problem.
> >
> >Are you seeing the start-up messages from dccifd?  If not, perhaps
> >dccifd is complaining in which log those are being sent.
> Attached is syslog-ng messages.
> >Is the DCC home directory writable by the user running dccifd?
> [spamwall11][/var/dcc]# ls -ld /var/amavis
> drwxr-xr-x  5 amavis amavis 192 Jan 25 12:14 /var/amavis

Just in case, try:

$ egrep \(U\|G\)id /proc/`pidof dccifd`/status 


$ ls -l /proc/`pidof dccifd`/cwd

as well...


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