Address Family not supported by

Vernon Schryver
Sun Mar 27 03:13:06 UTC 2005

> From: "W. Charles Alexander" 

> Mar 26 13:06:53 salvage3 spamd[3685]: processing message
> <> for  charlie:500.
> Mar 26 13:06:53 salvage3 dccproc[3689]: socket(UDP): Address family not
> supported by protocol

> RedHat 9.0 Kernel 2.4.20-31.9
> Iptables 1.2.7a-2
> Bind 9.2.1-16

Which version of the DCC code are you using?
That can be determined with `cdcc -V` or `dccproc -V`.

What does `cdcc info` say?

Is there any chance that the DCC ./configure script is confused about
whether RedHat 9.0 understands IPv6?

> I run DNS - Sendmail - Spamassassin (as spamd/spamc RedHat seems to like
> that way - spamd running as a "service")

It is much better to use sendmail+dccm and reject spam during the
SMTP transaction.  Of course, you'd need per-user whitelists
to determine which bulk mail is solicited.  

A poor second choice is to use sendmail+dccm with `dccm -Aignore` to
add X-DCC headers and teach SpamAssassin to look for X-DCC headers
containing "bulk." 

A worse third choice is to turn on dccifd and let SpamAssassin talk
to that daemon.

Using dccproc is a very distant fourth choice because it requires a
fork()/exec() of dccproc on every mail message.

Vernon Schryver

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