Postfix changes

Vernon Schryver
Sat Mar 19 19:18:12 UTC 2005

> From: Cami 

> > It would be nice if someone with a test machine running Postfix could
> > test the SMTP proxy mode of `dccifd -o`.  I have not figured out whether
> > dccifd needs to do something with EHLO responses to tell Postfix's
> > upstream MTA to add XFORWARD commands to the stream.
> Postfix's XFORWARD commands are documented at:

I've seen that page as well as
Neither says what the two boxes labelled "PostFfix SMTP server" in the
diagram in need to
send and accept XFORWARD and/or XCLIENT commands.

I also see nothing about whether the second "PostFfix SMTP server"
needs to receive the XFORWARD and/or XCLIENT commands or the "Before
queue filter" should generate its own 250-OKs and filter them.

I see smtp_send_xforward_command in,
but is it sufficient, or necessary?  The description of that parameter
is not clear to me.

If necessary I could change the dccifd code to add an XFORWARD
clause to the EHLO responsep passing , and filter the resulting
XFORWARD commands.

Vernon Schryver

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