pending license change

Bernard Gardner
Fri Mar 18 02:34:38 UTC 2005

Hi Vernon,

On 18 Mar 2005, at 11:10 AM, David Sparks wrote:

> Vernon Schryver wrote:
>> On Monday, March 21, I plan to change the LICENSE file to contain the
>> enclosed and to make matching changes to the many individual files.
> We participate in a "private network" (it was posted on the DCC Server 
> list some time ago) with other companies where signatures are only fed 
> from spamtraps.  This is useful in certain tests where "bulkiness" is 
> not suitable as opposed to "spammyness".  Other companies are welcome 
> to participate in sharing this data, but the signatures need to come 
> only from approved spamtraps.  Is it your intention that networks like 
> this get shut down?

I'm quite interested in this question, as the operator of a private 
network which sells floods. We also operate one of the public servers 
as our contribution to the cause. We don't currently flood from our 
private trap network into the public network - if we did so, would this 
satisfy that portion of the license? I can't see any technical downside 
to this from our perspective, the value in our database is the lack of 
false positives, and a one way flood into the public network wouldn't 
change that (I don't think it would make much difference to the public 
network either, but we're happy to do it if required to satisfy the 

We're also an entity which sells anti-spam solutions to others (based 
on a combination of DCC and proprietary detection algorithms), so I 
assume we're still not covered by the new license. Will there be an 
option to purchase a commercial license for the software which allows 
resale of data feeds and incorporation into other products? Can you 
provide a contact person for this?

Do you forsee any issue if we choose to branch from one of the free 
releases and continue development (as allowed by the license on that 
version of the code)?

Bernard Gardner
messagecare pty ltd

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