pending license change

John Doherty
Thu Mar 17 16:56:46 UTC 2005

At 5:36 PM -0600 3/16/05, Vernon Schryver wrote:

> The changed license is intended to leave the DCC as free as it was
> before except
>    "... any entity which sells anti-spam solutions to others, or
>    provides an anti-spam solution as part of a security solution
>    sold to other entities, or to a private network which employs
>    DCC or uses data provided by operation of DCC but does not provide
>    corresponding data to other users."

I understand (I think) from what you said later that this language is
not yours, but the last part is less than clear, at least to me.

So let's take, for example, me: I operate a private network that employs
the DCC, but am small-time enough that I don't operate a DCC server
myself, so it seems that I can continue to use it for free.

But if I did operate a DCC server that particpated in flooding with others,
it seems that I would thereby be providing corresponding data to other
users, and would not be able to use it for free.

Is that your understanding as well?

At any rate, it seems to me that congratulations are in order. Not only
do I appreciate all the work that you've put into the DCC over the
years, but also your efforts to ensure that non-commercial users can
continue to use it for free. Thanks, and congratulations.


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