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Vernon Schryver
Thu Mar 17 17:24:49 UTC 2005

> From: Sam Leffler <>

> Congratulations Vernon; here's hoping you got enough for a whole fleet
> of tractors!

However, that might demand a little explanation.  I am getting a little
money, but not enough to buy even one  I shop at Toys-R-Us instead of
my local Catepillar dealer.  It's a good thing that computers have
become a lot less expensive than tractors.  I'll be quite happy if I
get enough to replace a couple of years old computers and perhaps some
bandwidth and routers.

I've no complaints about the time and money I've spent on the DCC and
do not expect to recover.  It's a fun hobby.  I wish the license could
have continued to be free from some outfits that might be affected,
but there are some others for which I have no sympathy.  For example,
there are those who have been selling expensive anti-spam appliances
consisting of white boxes with Linux, SpamAassin, the DCC set to use
the public DCC servers, and technical support consisting of a handshake
and URLs of public web pages and mailing lists.  And in some cases

I think it's perfectly fine to make a buck with other people's free
source, but there is a difference between parasitism and commensalism,
not to mention symbiosis.

Vernon Schryver

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