pending license change

Vernon Schryver
Thu Mar 17 14:36:09 UTC 2005

> From: Dave Lugo 

> I'm not sure then where my employer falls - we provide managed 
> email services (firewall MX service), and we indirectly "provide 
> corresponding data" via flooding.
> I believe it would still be 'free' for us, can you confirm?

The two restrictions are an "or". 

The non-flooding bit is intended against vendors of appliances using
secret and isolated DCC networks.

I have trouble with the notion of managed email services in general.
I'm not clear about the nature of a "firewall MX service," but I fear
that Commtouch would prefer that it included their RPD or at least
the enhanced, commercial version of the DCC.

I wish the license words were more clear.  There might be time for
very tiny alterations.  However, negotiations about them have difficult.

Vernon Schryver

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