pending license change

Vernon Schryver
Wed Mar 16 23:36:52 UTC 2005

This week I hope to release a version of the DCC source which will
include the use of getaddrinfo() for Linux IPv6 support and the
optional use of a subset of ESMTP by dccifd for use as a Postfix
before-queue filter among other things.

After 5 years, I think I've largely exhausted possibilities for the
DCC as it currently exists.  I have some other ideas, but they depend
on things that cost money like a feed of the (formerly free) SBL from
Spamhaus.  So I'm close to signing an agreement with Commtouch that
includes support for those ideas.  It requires changes to the license
for versions of the DCC source after this week's.  The changed license
is intended to leave the DCC as free as it was before except

   "... any entity which sells anti-spam solutions to others, or
   provides an anti-spam solution as part of a security solution
   sold to other entities, or to a private network which employs
   DCC or uses data provided by operation of DCC but does not provide
   corresponding data to other users."

That exception/restriction does not apply to ISPs and others who filter
their own spam with their own DCC installations.  Future versions of
DCC (e.g. fixes to bugs I've missed in the Postfix stuff) remain as
free as before to them.  (The new ideas can't be free because they are
likely to cost money in fees to third parties).  The agreement includes
a promise to me to not sue or try to collect royalties Patent 6,330,590
from organizations covered by the new, restricted license.

I guess you might say I'm selling out for a pittance to one of the
commercial anti-spam vendors, but I hope in a way that does not affect
anyone except other commercial anti-spam vendors, and in a way that
will help reduce spam overall.  I tell myself there are far worse

Vernon Schryver

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