dccifd and ipv6 on linux

Graham Murray graham@gmurray.org.uk
Tue Mar 15 19:21:14 UTC 2005

Vincent Schonau <vince@niet.net> writes:

> checking run directory... (cached) /var/run
> checking for getipnodebyname... (cached) no
> checking for IPv6... no getipnodebyname()
> checking for Rsendto... (cached) no
> creating ./config.status
> [...]
> Indeed, I can find no reference to getipnodebyname() on my sytem.

According to the glibc Changelog, getipnodebyname() and
getipnodebyaddress() were depreciated and in July 2000 were removed
from the library. I believe that the 'replacements' are getnameinfo()
and getaddressinfo().

BTW. dcc is the *only* application which supports IPv6 which I have
installed which cannot find IPv6 on my system.

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