dccifd and ipv6 on linux

Vincent Schonau vince@niet.net
Tue Mar 15 12:35:16 UTC 2005

dccifd on my system doesn't like ipv6 addresses:

[ from a dccifd log file ]

unrecognized IP address "2001:888:11d4:32::1"

So, in a first-guess effort to fix this, I tried 'cdcc ipv6 on':

 > Note that this version of the DCC was built without IPv6 support.
 > IPv6 switch not changed.

My Linux systems (Fedora Core 3, 2.6.10 kernel) all have working IPv6 
implementations. I do not understand 'configure' magic well enough to 
understand why the ipv6 test fails on my systems.

Would enabling ipv6 support also allow dccifd to correctly parse ipv6 


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