dccproc, dccifd, spamassassin, amavisd-new

Gary Verchick lists@johnmecham.com
Sun Mar 13 20:21:37 UTC 2005

I have a gateway server running Postfix,amavisd-new and SpamAssassin.
I am working on using dccifd instead of dccproc and I want to insure
that in the end, the net result is the same  (SpamAssassin considers a
particular message listed by DCC or not). When using the rcDCC script
to start dccifd, dccifd starts up with the following arguments:

dccifd -l log -t CMN,5, -w whiteclnt -U userdirs

I don't know what arguments (if any) SpamAssassin passes to dccifd or
dccproc, I just want to insure the end result is the same.

Any suggestions as to whether I would need to modify DCCIFD_ARGS=
in dcc_conf or not?

Would there be any harm/benefit to starting up dccifd without any
arguments by modifying start-dccifd or by starting dccifd my means
other than the supplied scripts?

Another issue:
I'm evaluating this on a test box. I set DBCLEAN_LOGDAYS=1 and after a 
couple days I ran cron-dccd but the few log entries I had did not 
delete as I thought they would. I know I can delete the log directory
and dccifd will not log any more, and I also experimented with setting
which also disabled logging, but once again, I don't know if this
affects the net result of whether SpamAssassin would could consider a 
particular message listed by DCC or not.

Thanks for your tremendous contribution to fighting spam.
Gary Verchick

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