AW: dccm statistics

Bolmerg-Berliner Ludger - Munich-MR
Wed Mar 9 14:18:04 UTC 2005

>> It would be nice to have a command line option to tell dccm when to 
>> write the statistics information.
>Dccm and dccifd already have too many command line options, and seems
to keep getting more.

I am not insisting on more command line options.  Whatever option works
best is fine for me.  I actually would be happy to see the statitics
record in my log file without making any changes to dccm at all.  But I
can't figure out why changing the sendmail log file would occasionally
loose dccm's statistics record.  Or is there a situation where the
record is not written by dccm?

>>                                    Sending a signal to dccm may also 
>> be an option. What do you think Vernon?
>Which signal do you prefer, HUP, USR1, or USR1?
>HUP sounds good to me.

I have no preference.  

>Beware that it might not work perfectly.  POSIX threads havae trouble
with signals.  LINUX delivers them to a single 
>arbitrary thread while other UNIX flavors deliver them to most threads.


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