DCC digest, Vol 1 #660 - 7 msgs

Joël Brogniart Joel.Brogniart@univ-lyon2.fr
Tue Mar 8 04:56:35 UTC 2005

Joël :

>>> ld: Undefined symbols:
>>> _res_9_init


>> It seem that this code should be linked against resolv library and
>> 	cc   dccproc.o ../dcclib/libdcc.a  -lm -lresolv -o dccproc
>> doesn't fail.

Le 7 mars 05, à 20:01, Vernon Schryver a écrit :

> There is also a hidden ./configure switch to turn off the threading
> in the new DNS blacklist code on systems where the resolver library
> is hopelessly unusual.  Please let me know if that is needed.  I hope
> it is only temporary paranoia that can be removed.
> For version 1.2.72 of the DCC source, I will change the ./configure
> script to add -lresolv to $LIBS for Darwin.
> For this case, I would like to understand why the ./configure script
> did not discover that res_init() is not available.  Does the Mac OS X
> libc have a stubb for res_init() that calls res_9_init()?

I changed $LIBS to make the installation process happy and that worked.

The configure script find "resolv.h" but I don't know about res_int(). 
I'm not a developer guru and I've just enougth knowledge to trace where 
the problem comes from. I think that there is some tricks to make 
software happy with Apple's resolver (BIND8_COMPAT ?) but  I don't know 
the good solution.


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