dccifd vs. postfix

Leandro Santi lesanti@uolsinectis.com.ar
Mon Mar 7 14:15:57 UTC 2005


Vernon Schryver, 03-06-2005:
> Would it be useful if dccifd could use a small subset of SMTP
> consisting of the MAIL_FROM, RCPT_TO, and DATA commands to
> reject or accept and pass on mail messages?  The idea is that
> might make it easy (or easier) to wire dccifd into postfix.

How would you do the wiring? Back in time when the dccifd didn't exist
I made a custom dlopen() dynamic module api for Postfix, and plugged the 
DCC into smtpd for the checksum calculations. I'm still running it, I 
have to maintain it, I do not like this solution at all, but fortunately 
both projects have evolved a lot in this field :-)

Perhaps a better solution would make use of dccifd on the DCC side, and
SMTP/LMTP on the other, for both real time and content_filter message
inspection. For DCC greylisting, Postfix's policy delegation protocol
seems okay.

> If so, does someone have a postfix installation that could test
> such a beast?

I definitely would be pleased, although I cannot guarantee fast response 


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