Integration problem, map file !

Matthias Fuhrmann
Thu Feb 10 14:20:18 UTC 2005

On Tue, 8 Feb 2005, Mathieu KRETCHNER wrote:


> I try to insall DCC and to setup spamassassin in order to use it. But I
> find an error message in the debug mode with the
> command :
> spamassassin -t -D </directory
> debug: DCC is available: /usr/local/bin/dccproc
> debug: entering helper-app run mode
> debug: DCC: got response: missing SMTP header lines; fatal error
> debug: leaving helper-app run mode
> debug: DCC -> check failed: no X-DCC returned (did you create a map
> file?): missing SMTP header lines; fatal error
> So I looked for answer on the Internet but without success. Can you
> please help me !
> here is what I try to do :
> cdcc info > map.txt
> cdcc "new map; load map.txt" or cdcc "load -" < map.txt

IIRC, this problem is due to the trouble, sendmail, after invoking a spamd
child by a milter application, recognizes, that there is no valid user,
for the adressed email. so the spamd child is idling, invoking dccproc and
no mail-feed is comming to spamd/dccproc.
since we are using a new version of miltrassassin, only invoking spamd
childs, if there is at least one haeder line from within the envelope, we
never saw this message again.
so this message does not indicate a problem.

maybe anyone can validate this?

sorry for my sad english.


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