DCC version 1.2.64

Lonnie Olson fungus@aros.net
Thu Dec 16 19:10:41 UTC 2004

On Dec 16, 2004, at 11:58 AM, Kevin W. Gagel wrote:
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> From: "Jeff A. Earickson" <jaearick@colby.edu>
>> Hi,
>>     These two URLs download a file called "dccd.tar.tar"
>> which is actually a gzipped tarfile.  It would be nice if
>> the file were called "dcc-dccd-1.2.64.tar.gz" instead, to
>> match the directory name of dcc-dccd-1.2.64.  Thanks.

An even easier way to upgrade has absolutely nothing to do with 
clicking those links.

cd /var/dcc (or wherever your DCC is installed)

This script of Vernon's does everything for you, including restarting 
any daemons you have running.

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