How to whitelist ebay but not ebay spoofs?

Vernon Schryver
Wed Dec 15 23:03:23 UTC 2004

> From: George Schlossnagle <>

> > On Wed, 15 Dec 2004, Gary Mills wrote:
> > We have ebay in the DCC whitelist like this:
> >
> > 	ok	env_from
> > 	ok	from
> >
> > Now, we are getting phishing e-mail from all over the place with
> > those addresses spoofed.  How can we allow one, but block the other?
> Combine it with eBay's new spf or sender-id record.

That might work, if you can set the ${dcc_notspam} macro in whatever rules you use to check SPF or Sender-ID records.


] From: Chris Aseltine <>

] What about whitelisting eBay's outbound email servers instead?

That sounds as likely to work and easier to install, provided you can
find all of the blocks of IP addresses containing their SMTP clients.

(Following standard TCP/IP nomenclature as well as RFC 2821, an SMTP
server receives mail and an SMTP client sends it.)

Vernon Schryver

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