substitute header clarification needed

Vernon Schryver
Wed Oct 20 16:29:55 UTC 2004

> From: Gary Mills 

> The dccm man page includes this text:
>      -S hdr
>           adds to the list of substitute or locally chosen headers that are
>           checked with the -w whiteclnt file and sent to the DCC server.  The
>           checksum of the last header of type hdr found in the message is
>           checked.  Hdr can be HELO to specify the SMTP envelope HELO value.
>           Hdr can also be mail_host to specify the sendmail "resolved" host
>           name from the Mail_from value in the SMTP envelope.  As many as 6
>           different substitute headers can be specified, but only the checksum
>           of the first of the six will be sent to the DCC server.
> My dccm configuration specifies these options: `-S HELO -S mail_host
> -S Sender'.  Does this mean than only the first one actually works?

What does "actually works" mean?

If you use "-S HELO -S mail_host -S Sender", then all three headers
values will be checked in /var/dcc/whiteclnt whitelist for white-
or blacklisting.  Only the checksum of the HELO value will be sent
to the DCC server.  Unless your DCC servers run with "-K substitute",
your servers will ignore those checksums of HELO values.

Vernon Schryver

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