substitute header clarification needed

Gary Mills
Mon Oct 18 16:18:09 UTC 2004

The dccm man page includes this text:

     -S hdr
          adds to the list of substitute or locally chosen headers that are
          checked with the -w whiteclnt file and sent to the DCC server.  The
          checksum of the last header of type hdr found in the message is
          checked.  Hdr can be HELO to specify the SMTP envelope HELO value.
          Hdr can also be mail_host to specify the sendmail "resolved" host
          name from the Mail_from value in the SMTP envelope.  As many as 6
          different substitute headers can be specified, but only the checksum
          of the first of the six will be sent to the DCC server.

My dccm configuration specifies these options: `-S HELO -S mail_host
-S Sender'.  Does this mean than only the first one actually works?

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