Log message after implementing DCC greylisting with spamassassin

Paul R. Ganci ganci@nurdog.com
Mon Oct 18 02:34:03 UTC 2004

Vernon Schryver wrote:

>Greylisting is Very Good Thing(tm), but how will you use it with
>SpamAssassin?  Greylisting must be done during the original SMTP 
>transaction.  If SpamAssassin is used as it is at most sites
>as a filter after the message has been received, then greylisting
>is impossible.  Only if you are using something like one of the
>sendmail SpamAssassin milters is greylisting possible, but if you
>are using a sendmail milter, it would be better to let sendmail
>talk directly to the local DCC/greylist agent instead of forcing 
>SpamAssassin to be the middle man.
I am calling spamassassin directly from MailScanner and not using spamd 
with a procmail recipe. However I am probably in the same boat since I 
am still not using a sendmail milter and spamassassin is called prior to 
the message actually getting sent to sendmail. It is unlikely 
spamassassin was ever passed any of the original SMTP envelope values. I 
didn't realize that greylisting was so tightly bound to the MTA.

>>IP:  ::ffff:
>>env_From:  <<81>g>  mail_host=
>>env_To: unknown  addr=  dir=
>I don't know about SpamAssassin configuration files.
>Dccifd cannot do greylisting unless it has the IP address of the
>client in the SMPT client as well as the SMTP envelope Mail_From value
>and the SMTP envelope Rcpt_To value.
>Judging from those dccifd log file lines, SpamAssassin is giving
>dccifd a bogus IP address of as well as bogus Mail_From
>and Rcpt_To values.
Thanks for this information. I think I now understand what I obviously 
didn't before setting this up. Bummer, it doesn't appear that I can do 
it without some modification in my filtering procedure. Not really a big 
deal .... but it will take some time to rectify.

Paul (ganci@nurdog.com)

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