Log message after implementing DCC greylisting with spamassassin

Vernon Schryver vjs@calcite.rhyolite.com
Mon Oct 18 01:32:04 UTC 2004

> From: "Paul R. Ganci" 

> I have been using DCC from spamassassin for a while now with great 
> success, so much so that I decided to implement greylisting. 

Greylisting is Very Good Thing(tm), but how will you use it with
SpamAssassin?  Greylisting must be done during the original SMTP 
transaction.  If SpamAssassin is used as it is at most sites
as a filter after the message has been received, then greylisting
is impossible.  Only if you are using something like one of the
sendmail SpamAssassin milters is greylisting possible, but if you
are using a sendmail milter, it would be better to let sendmail
talk directly to the local DCC/greylist agent instead of forcing 
SpamAssassin to be the middle man.

If you are using a SpamAssassin milter, then please consider using
dccm directly instead of dccifd inside SpamAssassin.

Even with sendmail talking directly with the DCC milter, dccm, you
would probably still want to use the SpamAssassin milter.

> Oct 17 12:49:44 nureyev dccifd[18678]: env_From not available for 
> greylisting
> Can somebody point out my configuration error. I searched the archives 
> but didn't find anything related nor did a Google search turn up 
> anything interesting. If I look at any particular msg file in the 
> /var/dcc/log I see the following information at the top:
> DATE: 10/17/04 03:09:59 MDT
> IP:  ::ffff:
> env_From:  <<81>g>  mail_host=
> env_To: unknown  addr=  dir=
> This really looks as though I left some critical information out of the 
> configuration files.

I don't know about SpamAssassin configuration files.

Dccifd cannot do greylisting unless it has the IP address of the
client in the SMPT client as well as the SMTP envelope Mail_From value
and the SMTP envelope Rcpt_To value.
Judging from those dccifd log file lines, SpamAssassin is giving
dccifd a bogus IP address of as well as bogus Mail_From
and Rcpt_To values.

Vernon Schryver    vjs@rhyolite.com

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