Possible problem with SpamAssassin and DCCifd

James Turnbull james@lovedthanlost.net
Sat Oct 16 01:53:12 UTC 2004

Kevin W. Gagel wrote:
> This is cross posted to the DCC list and SA developers list. It takes a bit of
> explaining so bare with me.
> DCCIFD is reporting “missing message body” errors. In order to track this
> down I searched the mail log for the same date and time that dccifd reports
> them in the log and found the correlating entries.  Mail flows into my gateway
> through postfix. Postfix launches a bash script I created. The script I made
> saves the message to a file then uses spamc to check the message against
> spamd. Spamc/d are the c compiled alternatives to the perl spamassassin.
> SpamAssassin and spamd and spamc are for the purposes of this document the
> same thing. Anyway, after matching a number of these entry combinations I
> found that each of them had two things in common. The message id was found to
> be invalid and the message headers were missing. These are noted in the
> spamassassin test results as seen below.

See this post:


A related problem or the same problem?  A couple of edits of Dns.pm for 
Pyzor and DCC fix a very similar issue for me.


James Turnbull

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