Problem in gmake of dccproc tarball on SunOS4.1

Vernon Schryver
Wed Oct 13 03:00:43 UTC 2004

> From: Charles Hewson 

> 	I will send gziped output of env, ./config and gmake to Vernon
> offlist. I can try anything that gets us to a working client. I can apply
> patches to the source tree or download a test one.

Judging from the `make` output, that system lacks definitions for at
least PATH_MAX, uint32_t, and uint16_t.  I'm pessimistic about the
effort that would be required to make code written for C enviroments
only 10 or 12 years old work on older UNIX systems.  However, I've
added a mechanism to version 1.2.56 of the DCC that should make it
possible to build dccproc if defining some manifest constants is all
that is needed.

If you 
  1. create a file named something like /usr/home/cahewson/dcc-patch.h
    in your home directory with contents

    #define PATH_MAX 128
    #define uint32_t unsigned int
    #define uint16_t unsigned short
  2. fetch and unpack the the 1.2.56 tarball

  3. use `./configure --with-kludge=/usr/home/cahewson/dcc-patch.h ...`
      and `make`

then the current set of problems should go away.

Vernon Schryver

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